Rosemarie Loizzo, two agapornis roseicollis

I have been very fortunate to have met William Fritsch on April 2005. I was looking to purchase a couple of lovebirds and was very impressed when I went to see Will and the baby lovebirds. I never met anyone so passionate and caring in the way he treated his babies. They were all so friendly and loved being handled. When I decided to purchase these birds, it was an educated purchase. I have been looking at other places where birds were sold and none looked as happy and friendly as these. All five lovebirds were so cute. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pick two. Will has always been available to answer any questions I had in regards to correct food and behavior. Will continues to keep in touch to find out how the progress is with my lovebirds. These birds are so active and eat a variety of foods. Will has introduced them to fruits and vegetables and until this day they are always willing to try my new foods. I own other birds too and I have to say as much as I love my other birds nothing beats these lovebirds' personalities. I continue to enjoy these funny little birds at the end of every day. My lovebirds are happy and healthy and I attribute that to the care they were given when they were babies. Fondly, Rosemarie Loizzo (10/18/2005)

Bobbie Levine, "Peaches"

I figured I would give you an update on the bird I got from you. He is the sweetest, healthiest, perkiest, and most clever bird I've ever owned. I know lovebirds aren't supposed to talk but I cannot shut him up. He is constantly saying, "Give me a kiss!" He knows commands like "up" to perch on my hand or get off it and onto his perch. When he is on top of the cage, he will fly to me if I call his name. He loves to sit in my hand to be stroked from his head to his tail. Sometimes he falls asleep while I'm doing this. Peaches loves to eat bananas, grapes, Romaine lettuce, along with the standard bird food. Thanks again for a great bird, Bobbie Levine. (10/18/2005)

Peachface lovebirds raised by Lakeside Aviaries.