The Diet Center

Welcome to the diet section of Lakeside Aviary's research. The reason why diet has its own center is because diet is crucial for all birds. Here we are focusing on peach-faced lovebirds. Establishing lovebirds in captivity, as with other birds, requires an understanding of wild feeding habits, preferences and needs. The problem with understanding avian nutrition for the species, however, is the lack of scientific information. Lakeside Aviaries is working to try to develop this information by making sense of anecdotal information from other aviculturists, already published scientific information and our own findings with our lovebirds that we raised in 2003-2005. We hope, in 2020, to progress more and more as the years go by.

Lovebird Journal Entires on Diet - Journal entries from 2004 on lovebird diet. Interviews conducted on diet with Amazona Society's president Diana Halloway and African Parrot Society's editor Charlene Beane.

Correlations with Diet - A research assignment from 2005 correlating diet and longevity in peach-faced lovebirds.