The Behavior Center

Here we focus on some work Lakeside Aviaries has done on behavior. We have only worked on the vasa parrot and peach-faced lovebirds thus far. We hope to add more to this section in due course.

Lovebirds Can Talk! - An anecdote from a pet owner on her talking lovebird

Lovebird Journal Entires - See our journal entries on behavior in peach-faced lovebirds. These are from 2004.

A baby lovebird raised by Lakeside Aviaries.

The Greater Vasa Hen’s Breeding Behavior in Captive Scenarios - A blog post from our blog Philosophical Aviculture on WordPress. This entry was published in The Avicultural Society (UK)'s The Avicultural Magazine in 2020. and invited as a conference paper to the American Federation of Aviculture's 2019 convention in Orlando, FL.

A pair of vasa parrots, brother and sister, at Parrots of the World in Rockville Center, NY.