The purpose of doing research on the subject of companion parrots is to contribute to the complex web of information known as aviculture. Most of this research was conducted by Lakeside Aviaries in the years 2004-2005. The research subjects were peach-faced lovebirds. Research, by Lakeside Aviaries, has also been done on other African species, such as the vasa parrot in 2020.

The way we must carry out research is by relying on instinct, intuition and observation. We must constantly keep in mind the fundamental purpose of the project: to strengthen the co-existence of man and companion parrots. This requires that we view the fundamental purpose of our projects as a discipline that necessitates a hierarchy in order for us to act in accordance to fulfill this goal to the best of our ability. We must use all the components, including the most abstract, when dealing with lovebirds to try to make sense of what is preserving and destroying to companion birds.

Areas of Study

Aviculture is the integration of five key components: Diet, hygiene, medicine, habitat and behavior. Each of these key components serve to bring out longevity in our parrots lives.

I. The Diet Center - Diet is the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal to bring out longevity.

II. The Hygiene Center - Hygiene is a science of the establishment and maintenance of health.

III. The Medicine Center - Medicine is the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health through prevention, alleviation and curing of diseases.

IV. The Habitat Center - Habitat is a kind of housing for a controlled physical environment in which organisms can live under hospitable conditions.

V. The Behavior Center - Behavior is the way in which something functions or operates.

How each of these areas of study integrate into a coherent whole is the question we have to keep asking ourselves.

An article William wrote for the African Parrot Society's The African Ark on lovebirds.

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