Macaws are often called both majestic and comical. Possessing both elongated tgail and wing feathers, macaws are spectacular in outdoor flight and cuddly in the living room. These birds have the most massive heads and the most massive beaks, relatively, of any of the parrots.

There are three genera of macaw that exist - the Anodorhynchus, the Cyanopsitta, and the ara. The Anodorhynchus includes the hyacinth, the glaucus, and the Lear’s macaw. The cyanopsitta genus includes the Spix macaw. The ara genus includes the rest. The macaw genera is justified by there being hybrids of the different genera. For example, the Caloshuo is a hybrid of the blue and gold and the hyacinth.

Let’s discuss the ara genus. The ara genus includes both large macaws and mini-macaws. They are known for their bright, colorful feathers and long gradated tails. They have pronounced upper maxillary beaks. Some have bare skin on their face, others do not.

Hybridization of macaws exists and is common in aviculture. The crosses include first, second, and third generations. Common hybrids include the Harlequin (Blue and Gold X Greenwing), the Catalina (Blue and Gold X Scarlet), the Milligold (Blue and Gold X Millitary), Ruby (Greenwing X Scarlet), Shamrock (Millitary X Scarlet), Fiesta (Camelot X Harlequin), Capri (Camelot X Scarlet), Camelot (Catalina X Scarlet), and Quatro (Harlequin X Ruby).

How is the disposition of an anodorhynchus different from an ara's disposition?

Why does it take so long for an anodorhynchus to wean?

What is the size range of the macaws? What is the weight range?

Do macaws talk at all?

What are their developmental stages?

Why does Barbara say that mini macaws make bad pets because of their juvenile stage?

Are there hybrids with the mini macaws? What exactly makes them ara? Why not a separate genus?

Can the mini macaw go in an Animal Environments Amazon cage?

When do mini macaws wean? Is there a difference in sex - behavior, dimorphism, etc?

Are there mutations for the mini macaw?

What are the developmental stages for the mini macaws?

How are the mini macaws different from the larger macaws in personality?

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