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Handfed babies make the best pet. Make sure to get the baby at about six weeks of age for the best pet potential. I had purchased a six month old handfed baby and it had not been socialized and played with consistently since its weaning time. The bird is tame, however, it is unable to have the possible relationship that a cockatiel can have with its owner. Cockatiels are not birds that you can neglect and then expect to have a good relationship. They really need socailziing, training, and your attention.

Cockatiels, the handfed and well socailzied babies at least, can make wonderful pets. They can learn to fly to you (on command), do tricks, share meals with you, call your name in search for you, receive head scr4itches, etc. They truly need the kind of socailization and edevelopmental training that any parrot needs.

Cockatiels, when older, tend to get set in their ways. So, this is why it is important to socialize your baby as best as you can. This can include playing hot potato (Sally Blanchard’s technique), having the bird interact with both men and women and children, have the bird familiar with the stresses of household life (the vacuum cleaner, TV, opening and closing of the door, pets, etc). A cockatiel that is set up with a good socailization in early development has the best chance of being the potential of what the cockatiel can be.

The dietary requirements of these birds is as for any other parrot. They have a tendency to be seed only eaters. Once a bird is hooked on seed alone it is incredibly difficult to get the bird to eat a balanced diet. Although a good seed mix supplemented with vitamins is not a bad option, they truly need to eat a diet that includes pellet,s fruits, vegetables, and other sources of nutrition. (Our babies are introduced to this diet as they wean.)

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Cockatiels measure ---- in inches and weigh any where from eighty to one hundred twenty grams. Mutations tend to be smaller birds and of less weight.

Cockatiels are the number one pet bird sold in the United States. They are so popular partly because of their reputation for being great pets, the males ability to whistle and talk, their general social nature and thus suitability as a family pet (being especially a good choice for children); and their relatively low price. The current price of handfed baby cockatiels has gone up astounishlngly. Expect to pay as much as $400 for a handfed baby. Cockatiels, at this price, are still selling incredibly well and thus people are willing to pay the higher prices.

Many pet stores do not sell cockatiels and the ones that do generally do not have handfed socailzied babies. The stores that do have babies, however, sell out of them very quickly. Thus, just as with the Africna grey, the cockatiel is incredibly difficult to find and the birds that are available are considerably expensive. If one want to acquire a baby cockatiel, the choices that one has for acquring a baby are greatly limited. This is assuming one goes to a pet shop for the cockatiel. Breeders are incredasingly scare though they are an option. Their prices are considerably lower and they tend to have more information on the babies they are selling than the pet shop. Going to a breeder for a pet cockatiel is prob ably one’s best bet for acquiring a good baby bird. Just as with the pet shop, the breeder sells out of birds really fast and often has waiting lists.