Available Birds

A charming black palm cockatoo at Parrot Jungle Island in Miami, Florida.

The approximate breeding seasons for the following captive birds are as follows. Lakeside Aviaries tries to get babies at around the time that the breeding season occurs.

Cockatoos and African greys: They tend to be winter and spring breeders, but some cockatoos will breed year round.

Amazons: Breeding season is usually limited to spring and early summer.

Asian parakeets: They tend to be winter breeders.

Conures: This varies by the species. Some are spring-summer breeders while others are late summer breeders.

Macaws: Some pairs breed almost year round but heaviest breeding season is spring-summer.

Quakers: They have a limited breeding season from approximately March to August.

Eclectus: Many pairs breed year round but heaviest season is spring.

Lories: Primarily spring-summer breeders.

Cockatiels: Many will breed year round, especially if housed indoors but the heaviest season is spring. Cockatiels are very susceptible to health problems when subjected to summer heat.

Lakeside Aviaries works mainly through special ordering baby birds. You can special order a bird and, even if you do not like the baby, you do not have to buy it. We just need a deposit of 50% to hold a bird or to make a transaction. Occasionally, we will have babies on hand for sale, but this will be the exception rather than the rule. We do not sell birds based on what we have available, but rather help you find the right companion parrot for you and your family. Please call and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect bird for you. We must note that after there is a deposit on a baby, there are no refunds or exchanges. Our babies are guaranteed to be healthy at time of purchase. Buyers have five days from purchase (pickup) to see an avian veterinarian. If the vet deems the bird to be unfit for sale or unhealthy and cannot be treated, the bird may be returned for refund or exchange. The veterinarian must have a written certificate that must be provided to Lakeside Aviaries within twenty-four hours of exam.

Lakeside Aviaries is now taking deposits for Winter 2020 and 2021 hatches. For prices please e-mail (williamcfritsch@gmail.com) or call William at 646-484-9455.

William with a molluccan baby.

William with an African grey raised at Lakeside Aviaries.

Two military macaws (on William's left and right) raised by William.

A black palm cockatoo raised by one of our breeders.

William observing one of Lakeside Aviaries' cockatiel male babies.

A very young William with a lutino budgerigar raised at Lakeside Aviaries.

William with a hyacinth macaw at Parrot Jungle Island.