Lakeside Aviaries specializes in domestic, hand-raised baby birds and Animal Environments cages and ring stands.

See hand-fed babies being fed in a super clean and healthy environment.

Lakeside Aviaries

This photo of William Fritsch and his lovebirds is from fashion magazine '10'.

Lakeside Aviaries is Long Island's premier, state-of-the-art closed educational aviary specializing in hand-fed baby birds (neonates being our only business). The proprietor of Lakeside Aviaries is William Fritsch, PIJAC and Petco certified avian specialist. The birds from Lakeside Aviaries have been featured in the fashion magazine 10, Bird Talk, The African Parrot Society's "The African Ark", the American Federation of Aviculture's "Watchbird", the Avicultural Society (UK)'s "The Avicultural Magazine", and other avicultural avenues. Our birds, with their high quality feathering, have been used as models for high quality fashion. We are members of the American Federation of Aviculture, African Lovebird Society, and National Cockatiel Society. Lakeside Aviaries, which operates out of William's family home, is a quarantine facility and fully equipped nursery. All babies can come fully weaned with lab work, vet checked, microchipped, blood workups, DNA sexed and polyoma vaccinated. All cockatoos are tested for beak and feather condition (PBFD). We are a closed, PBFD negative aviary and nursery. Our entire flock tested negative for PBFD. Every baby is closed banded (with the correct size leg band), hand-fed, vet checked, and health guaranteed. We are experts in hand raising.

William has twenty years of operation since the business has been open since 2000, starting with lovebirds and budgerigars. Although we do not breed our parrots any longer (we used to be a New York State licensed bird breeder), we do obtain our babies from quality select breeders. Our aviary notes and breeding journal logs are still kept and available for perusal on our website's research section. Lakeside Aviaries specializes in handling, taming, and clipping of birds. We only have a few babies available yearly. A few at a time means special attention to each one.

Our domestic, show quality hand-fed baby parrots come with a hatch certificate, one year written health guarantee - this is the best in the business, close-banded rings, photos of developmental progress (we offer a photo album), hatch date, records of daily weight, and journal entires on their progress. Birds are potty-trained, trick-trained, and thus very tame. All babies have had a lot of training so they are tame, cuddly, and playful. Our babies know how to step up/step down, how to play with others, how to play by themselves, how to eat a varied diet, how and when to vocalize, how to wear a harness, how to be perch trained, how to fledge (just before their wings are clipped), et al. Our birds are guaranteed to be tame. We even offer bird-care education services for our customers so that your pet remains tame and healthy. They are accustomed to children, cats, and dogs. Most of them are learning to talk. (Our birds good talkers, not squawkers.) Our babies are the sweetest hand-fed babies in New York State and the tri-state area. Our babies are raised with children and other animals. All of our birds are on pelleted diets. Our birds are bred for health, vigor, size, and quality. All of our birds are from long-term, stable environments. Enthusiastic references are available in the testimonials section. For the birds that we have on offer see the available birds section.

Our domestic birds are beyond second and third generation, thanks to the Wild Bird Conservation Act (1992)'s consequences. Most of our birds are available all year round, such as our eclectus, cockatiels, macaws, and some cockatoos. Other birds have seasonal availability. We will take pre-season orders for hand-feds with deposit.

We are a private facility specializing partly in smaller affordable species of parrots for family and apartment lifestyles. Although we do have cockatoos and macaws and eclectus and greys, we also specialize in cockatiels, conures, quakers, psittacula, et al. We offer most color mutations of our pedigreed show quaker parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, Indian ringnecks, grass parakeets, rosellas, budgerigars, et al. All mutations are strong, healthy bloodlines. Cockatiel mutations are from champions and grand champion producing stock. All of our birds originated from carefully selected breeder stock. See the available birds section for availability.

William is also a distributor and manufacturer of Animal Environments cages and products. This cage company is run by its proprietor Carmen Daily. Her company produces custom made, polished stainless steel bird cages and ring stands. The full line of cages consists of many sizes and styles to fit your parrot and your floor space. Since Animal Environments cages are custom made, each cage is unique and can have the bar spacing of one's choice. Animal Environments cages are factory direct and each is tailor made to suit your needs. Lakeside Aviaries is the only authorized dealer/distributor of Animal Environment cages. We offer these cages because we only sell what we think is the absolute best in aviculture. Animal Environments, since its start over thirty years ago, has proved to be the best and is still receiving awards for its excellence. In 2020, Carmen Daily received an award from Pet Age magazine for her company. Avian veterinarians often recommend Animal Environments cages. Ideally, Animal Environments cages are sold with the purchase of a baby parrot. We offer special discounts and package deals on cage/baby bird combinations. To discuss purchasing an Animal Environments cage or ring stand, please contact William directly.

We also sell Wingabago acrylic pet carriers. These are hardly available though, once again, we sell what we think is the best in aviculture. Review our products section.

We are experts in avian nutrition, behavior, services, and seminars. Separate state-of-the-art boarding is offered with limited availability. Behavioral counseling is available by appointment. We are members of IAABC and IAATE. Lakeside Aviaries is a facility that has its avian behavioral consultant William offering hand-fed quality birds. Grooming by our certified groomer William is free when you buy your parrot from Lakeside Aviaries. We also offer birdie daycare.

We house our birds in an open bird room display. This is our sun room where there is a lot of natural light and free flowing ventilation.

Should it become necessary to sell a baby you purchase from us, we will set aside any personal interest and help you find a good home for the parrot. This is part of what we mean by satisfaction guaranteed.

National and international shipping is available. The total cost of a baby parrot can include polyoma vaccination, DNA sexing, vet checks, and a carrier for shipping (if you require shipping). By carrier we mean shipping box and air freight. Health certificates are given if requested. We culture our babies forty-eight hours prior to shipment. We ship either via Laguardia airport or JFK airport in New York.

Layaway and financing is available. We offer a payment plan. Financing is available through pet loans. We accept cash, checks, money orders, cashier's check, credit cards, and PayPal. There is no sales tax.

William with a hand-fed baby cockatiel cock. Cockatiels are one of our specialities.

William with a Lakeside Aviaries' raised African grey. African greys and cockatiels are our specialty.

William with a hand-fed scarlet macaw baby in Mexico.

William with a baby palm cockatoo.

Call (646) 484-9455 to discuss business matters and prices - or e-mail We are open seven days a week. Call at anytime. If we do not answer, leave a message. All calls are returned.

To see our birds call to make an appointment. Visitation is by appointment. Stop by and play with our babies. An appointment is an educational experience!

We are now taking orders for winter 2020 and 2021 hatch.